Artwork & Pricing Info

Full Color Decal production

1 to 1000 piece qty’s

Any Size & Any Shape (No Standards and no Die’s to buy. Square, Rectangle, Oval, Circle and special contours.)

UV Inks with your choice of intermediate to premium outdoor grade Vinyls and Laminates.


Contact me today so we can discuss your awesome new decal idea!!! I will explain my processes, your options, and give you a quote based on your needs. I am very competitive with my pricing and I make sure I go all out for each of my customers.  Please call or text me at 510-875-9783 or send me an email:

Artwork parameters: 

Please give me artwork that will be close to the size you want your decal to be when finished.  Scaling artwork that is in a smaller low resolution will not scale or print clearly. I also can’t build a proper cut line for finishing.  .ai .eps .psd .pdf. jpg. files are accepted.

Please make sure your files are set at 300 dpi of higher and set your files to CYMK instead of RGB. In Photoshop select ( Image/Mode/select CYMK/ Save artwork) & in Illustrator select ( File/Documnet Color Mode/ CYMK/save artwork). I can print lower a dpi setting, but I want you to have the best image possible. Also for black images  I will print a CYMK mix of C/60%, Y/60%,M/60%, K/100% to get a super dark, rich Black.  (If you’re savvy with Photoshop, I will explain how to change your Black to a rich black, otherwise I will do it for you) 

Please do not be discouraged to send me your artwork ideas no matter how they look or how they’re set up. I will tell you if I can’t work with something.  I will set up die line for standard shapes, i.e. circles, rectangles, squares and the like. I will also give you a best contour solution for the custom shapes, because that’s how I roll!!!  Please send me artwork and a message!! Let’s get printing!

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